Sunday, September 11, 2011

bead 40

40 is quite a milestone
in any part of life:
being on this earth for 40 years
loving some one for 40 years
eating 40 marshmallows
and making 40 beads for 40 days?

egh some are more heroic then others

today was realativly uneventful
but i found isperation for a bead none the less
one of my favorite tv shows it Arthur
its a kids show about an
its based off of a childerns book series
these were one of the first books that i had read
I have met the author Mark brown, and he signed a book for my big sister.
I miss those days where you didnt feel obligated to read books , you just got to sit down and enjoy the words and pictures.

are naturally funny lookig creatures so
 i did one more all natural
and blue?
(contradictions i know but what are you going to do? call the contradiction police on me ? please dont ... pretty please?)

pretty and blue
have a great week
im kind of wooried about tomorrow but...................................................
i will survive
and so will you

lets be brave together shall we?


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