Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead 38 wows and cute cows

I have had a great and confusing day:
it started off with me waking up on my own without someone having to yell, fuss or shove.
i got dressed and layed down with my mom for a little while , and my dad cooked microwave bacon and formed (the best and only word i can use to describe what he did) breakfast sandwiches. egh they were okay but i was more proud of him for the effort .
when i got to school life  was interesting ,confusing and involved with cows
these cows to be specific
in class today we were discussing ancient egyptian art , when my professor
whose words are still made of magic
settled apon this image (cattle and herder in mustaba of  Ti) and began to vocalize the inner thought of the cows and mooed. the combination of funny looking image of freaked out cows and his dialogue
was priceless.

so needless to say this HAD to be my inspiration for today's bead


Isnt he adorable and slightly paranoid looking.
this was the top of my day and the rest was filled with my fear of my words not meaning as much anymore.
but i need to give myself some credit and listen to the nicer side of my inner monologue
because i am a nice person
and so are you
and i like cows
and so do you!

oooh i need sleep
i will probably dream of cows
and  better days for
all of us


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