Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bead 36 pizza, moss and a poor brain lost!

today was good, longish but good.
i had the pizza that i wanted a little while back.....
twice!!! once for luch and again for dinner

it was better the first time

but  before i went to pig out on pizza
i got to hang out at the park
well its not really a park its just a natural area in the college
and got to take some nice photos of the moss growing on the steps i was sitting at

it was so pretty, the whole day was and it felt so nice outside
cool and crisp!
oh fall come home please !!

the only bad thing was my brain faided in and out
i have a dinosaur living in my brain
befor you start running and thinking that i am compleatly phsycotic it is an "imaginary friend of sorts" that i use to descibe my brain difficulties.

his job it to eat my negitive thoughts, or rather all my thoughts really and my gumdrop shaped worry growths. i dont have real tumors but my mom and friends all say that i worry and repress so may thoughts that i am bound to get tumors one day.
i know..
i am crazy..
but my bead today was
a gumdrop shaped tumor

purple are his favorite
and he really munched all my thoughts today.
i appologise if i compleatly terrified you
it is my head, and i really cant help it
im sure everyone has had an abnormal thought from now and again.


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