Monday, September 5, 2011

Bead 34 Rawwwrr

I am on drugs right now. before you freak out and think negativly about me ,i am on prescribed pain medication for an ovarian cyst. i had to take a half of a pill today because it was bothering me so much. I am not making any sence right now. sorry its not me. i blame the meds.
today was an okay day i was struggling with not being preductive.
so i finished one of my reading assignment  it was "A rasin in the sun"
pretty good play.
then i went to the movies with my mom and dad. it reminded me of old times.
my first movie was jurasic park, all i did was eat the popcorn.
i love dinosaurs.
me and my "art freak" freinds used to always rawr or squwack in the halls. aww high school.
so todays is a mixture of hand dyed and pre dyed wool.
its a pterodactyl, its not my favorite dinosaur but its up there on the list.


isnt he so cute?
ugh this three day weekend wanst long enough for me, was it for you?
i have an two and a half minute oral rapport tommorow. so please please please send my good vibes tommorow. ill need and totally appreciate them. I am a big brave lion, a big brave lion .
i hope yalls day goes well too

a drugged

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