Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bead 53 step of my mustache dreams

today was filled with drama, icky issues and paper-work
what could go wrong kind-of did
I scraped a good amount of flesh off my pinky toe
and got way to stressed out
(the one of few good things that happened today , i got 188$ premiums from the local county fair)
I really really hope tommorow goes better although i still have some paper work
and other icky stuff, i am going to make the best of it
I will be eight-teen years old tommorow.
For my bead today i needed something funny and awsome to break up the pure icky-ness that has unfolded today.
mustaches are hilarious to me
and probably if it were more socially exceptable i would consider having one?
a cool handlebar one too!

If it wernt so late i would probably be taking a lot of silly photos of me and my bunnys with this sucker on
but there is always tommorow
and tommorow will be better
my "party" wont be till this weekend
i might buy myself a little cake and a candle
and will be sure to bring my camera to document tommorow

best wishes to you
for a great week

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