Friday, September 23, 2011

Bead 52 Magic pebble

today was extra extra rainy
i  got totally soaked to the bone
after my first class the bottom really fell and i almost fell afew times on the large stone steps coming out of my building so i had to take of my flip-flops and
 to my next class down the block.
After that i met my cousin and attempted to cross the street for food
and got splashed from a big truck speeding down the street
and got even more soaked
i laughed and laughed !
luck and giant puddles arnt always so nice all the time but
what can you do?
either laugh or sob....
i personally rather choose laugh
Now to my bead
for some reason today it reminded me of one of my favorite childrens book
"Sylvester and the magic pebble"

its a cute story about a donkey who collects pebbles
finds a magic pebble one day and makes a wish...
i wont tell you the end you need to read it yourself
I wished i had a magic pebble today in the rain
so i could wish to:
be with friends and family
have a nice warm sweater
 have yummy stew
watch a nice movie

so here is my "magic" pebble

in pretty mixture of red yellow and blue
and a smidge of llama fiber
for a bit of extra magic

happy weekend

a kind of manic

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