Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bead 33

I havent had a productive day at all,
dont get me wrong i have plenty that i could have got done today but.....
i woke up with a horrible migrane, i tried to take a shower thinking that would help alittle but it didnt.
than for a majority of the rest of the day lying down with either the tv on crazy low, or my face covered.
watched "The Waltons" marithon all day.
the only time i really got up is to eat chinese take-out.
the best part of the meal was the fortune cookie.
i like the idea of it a bit of sweet wisdom never hurt any one.
my fortune, which wasnt REALLY a fortune just a tid-bit of knowledge (i know knowledge isnt bad either)
"You feed your body every day. You must also feed your mind."
ironic right?

my bead was made of the hand-dyed onion skin wool
hopefully tommorow will be better, for everyone


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