Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bead 32 yard sales,consignment stores.. and super cool stuff

love, love
LOVE them.
unfortunatly there wernt that many good ones to day. but i was able to see my sister and (future) Brother , got to one of my favorite consignment stores for hours!
and got some super cool stuff
like a...
ducky box

and russian nesting dolls
which of whom inspired todays bead
cute, chubby and loveably fragile. especially without one another.
todays bead was made by a mish-mosh of wool , afew hand-dyed some not.

i hope yall have a good safe weekend , and i also wanted to let you know that i will be starting up another blog more about my other crafting ,cooking and life endevers.i will post a link as soon as its ready.

have a grilled cheesey day

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