Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bead 35 Chill

One pill makes you larger,
and the other makes you small,
and the ones that mother gives you they dont do any thing at all!!
I love Jefferson Airplane, the excerpt above was from one of my favorite songs White Rabbit.

Today was swell (te-he swell ), but rainy
down the main street of  the college was flooded
i saw a boy watch his flipflop float away, he chuckled and went after it
i would have helped in his hunt but i was still trapped in traffic.
then after that
i had my two classes, and my oral report which went well
and then got a ride home with my cousin in her little "rustic" car which dosent have air conditioning
so neadless to say i was on "wiping the fog of the wind shield" duty
it  really poured and we had to crack the windows too, so by the time we got home we were both soaked.
It was quite an adventure , but Brinner  (breakfast -dinner) was a perfect cure for the rain soaked chills
yum pancakes and bacon!!

I think today was better for me because i finally took my own advice
to take a chill pill
which is todays bead
some is natural , and the other is hand-dyed
oh cute little wise pill!!
rain makes me sleepy
good vibes headed yalls way

-an exausted m

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