Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead 171

so today was an okay day
i got up at a resonable time and tried to be somewhat preductive today
and made two planters out of toys i bought the other week
the elephant one had a noise button so i had to cut it out and replace it with a jerry-rigged bottom using a plastic bottle
both came out really cool
(i will show later)
 but hands down the best part of my day is what mama finished for me
a tie purse
after that it kind of went down-hillish i had to go to a club award cerimony that dragged on for ever, an finnaly when i came home i tumbled as soon as i stepped in the door and really hurt my shin and myself
my bead is a tie
thanks mama for the purse

i need rest after thet hard fall
a bruised

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