Monday, January 16, 2012

Bead 166

man i had a ton of ice cream today, it was so good!!!!
but the bad thing is I'm lactoseintolerant--seriously not good
so im going to be sick for the next few days but i think it was worth it.
i hope your MLK Jr. Day was well, i spent a magority of mine watching old black and white films with my love intrest Sidney Poitier , oh how i adore him and his movies
the ones i watched today were: "Pressure point", "Cry, the Beloved Country" and  "The Defiant Ones"
all great movies, i recommend you watch all of them asap
you dont have to eat ice cream as practically all your meals , like i did though
uggggh....why world did you make me lactose?
first i got a dollar crunch-cicle thingy at about 10 in the morning at the dollar store even though it was below freezing outside,then around 3 in the afternoon  i got a 79 cent cup of frozen yogurt  because of a rewards card given by the store, and lastly i had banana pudding ice cream for supper.....yeah i know i have a problem

so my bead is a popsicle

have a great tommorow
oh, and could you please send me some good vibes i have a few art assignments due really soon and i have been lingering on making them in fear of failing...but i know i'll end up sabotoging myself if i continue to procrastinate....I am a big brave lion, and all i can do is try my best


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