Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead 163

happy friday
i hope it went well for you being friday the 13th
yep it was
one class a break to make an awsome sandwich at home brie and ham on chabatta

and a doctors appointment spesifically an ultra-sound to see if my cyst is still there
 my cyst is still there obviously
i could have told them that, and its still the same size about 8.5 cemimeters
thats big , like seriously big
but whateves
it will have to go away eventually be it naturally or surgically
but even better then all that is i got to go splurdge at the craft store after my appointment
i even composed a tiny poem
on the first day of splurdging
this is what i got for me:
1 sparkle yarn
2 marcupial charms

3 skeins of yarn
and 4 patterns for sushi!!!
i also got some other stuff too at the craft store
every thing was less the 25$ thats splurging for me

(not my photo it belongs to mochimochi land)
 from mochimochi land  go by and get some for your own they are so so so so so so so so so awsome!
i cant wait to make these!!
and also just enjoy my family and new loot
so my bead today is just a plainy using my new sparkly yarn

have a great weekend

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