Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bead 160

so today was crazy interesting and pretty good
i went to my two classes and got to see my security gaurd again!!!
we spoke a few minutes where he told me he missed seeing me and was trying to stop going to the gate to let me in like he did all last semster, oh how i missed him :) he also told me welcome home, honestly it did feel like home...
and after class my cousin and i went out to lunch
to a really nice burger place
she had a coupon for a free burger her birthday
our waiter was crazy nice and the burgers were super huge and good
also bottomless steak-fries?
can i get a heak yes?
but there was an odd couple being a bit too friendly.........if you know what i mean
jerking the gherkin
after they left  our waiter pulled up a chair to our table and pointed out their odd behavior of sitting a bit too close, switching seats in the booth and the fact that the woman paid for both of them !!!!!!!, we had a nice laugh about it ...but seriously why????
i will never understand people
anyways the waitor also brought out an ice cream for us to share, nice
thank you sir, you were so nice and cool
my bead today is a burger
yummy and not inapropriate at all
have a great tommorow

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