Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bead 154 bread curmudgeon

today i was a LOAF OAF
yep for-real-sies
I used are "new" bread machine for some sweet potato pecan bread
it took three hours.....THREE HOURS  total
by itself:
it was good bread ,but three hours is a lifetime
and it really sucked the fun out of making bread, isn't it weird that i have pacients to do all the steps of handmaking bread yet no pacients for a robot-ish square doing it for me
thats just me ........sorry
so my bead is obiously a loaf of bread a very happy one at that , even though i was a mild curmudgeon about the amount of time it took to make him (the real one not the wool one)
anyhoo have a great tommorow and try not to be a bread curmudgeon
(I'm really liking that word if you can't tell ^_^)
a curmudgeon-ish

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