Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bead 170

happy friday
hope yours was awsome cause mine sooooo was
i made a saffron yellow cowl out of some jersey knit t-shirt type fabric that i got for 2$ the other week,

wet to class bla bla blaaa(boring and short),
then mama came and got me early and we went thrift shopping
she also got me a peice of baclava
totally sweet !!!! i ended up spending 28$ and got tons of stuff and picture of cool stuff outside my means of living
hey, whatever at least i dont live above my means; just dream amd take pretty pictures

then we went for tacos
so all and all a great day
also later on i cleaned, redecorated, and semi-orginized my room

and im also starting some new cool projects too
my bead is a taco in honor of mamas and my taco and thrift store extravaganza

have a great weekend

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