Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bead 174

pretty dope day today
i finally finished my huge  project consisting of 15 works of art (while class begun, a fellow classmate helped me cut out shapes for my last peice-thank you)
and my professor loved it!!!!! he said and i quote "I've gotta watch out for you, this is great"
^_^ he-he-he-he-heeeee!!!!
so that class went well.
then after that i bumped into a friend and we studied together for our next class,
where we eventually trickled to. My professor (one of my favorites) pulled me aside as I was going to my seat and told me "he was going to have to break-up the little fan club I have in the front of the class" silly, silly, silly but he is kind-of right . I've been in his class for what seems like forever and always have to maintain "my seat", being crazy early and greeting him warmly any chance I can get. I'm that kind of person; can't help it. Also I went out to lunch with two friends (the one i studied with and my other buddy whom randomly texted me before class wanting to meet up with both of us)

both of my buddies (whom happen to be on there fancy cell phones..grr)
 we went out for pizza. It was soooooo awsome. we gobbled on pizza and reconected in are weird artishy, speak-with-your-hands, sing the songs that are on the radio while in mid conversation, interupt one another, freak other patrons in the resturant out kind of way. conventional?-no. Cool?-hell yes!
all around awsome day
i hope it was for yall too
so just a pure happy-yellow bead today

have a happy hump day
I'll try to do the same

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