Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bead 167 the ledge

I have difficulties living
im going to be honest with you ad my self
I totally do.. and often find myself on "the ledge"
you know the little teeny voices in your head that are constantly ringing ,saying "jump!!!, what on earth do you have to go on for?
I am NOT suicidal by ANY means but have problems and somewhat irrational fears about...well everything
and know for a fact that with out the loveones that i try to surround myself with, that i would be a young art spister who will never leave the house except for the rare "treat" days of getting art supplies, oraganic produce at the farmers market, baking stuff, vollunteering, thrift shopping or just hanging out with friends.
that would be my perfect life,seriously
just selling art and living life , i would get sheep and other creatures too....
but intill then I'm going to live on my little ledge with my mom and other loved ones hanging on for dear life to me
but i survived today, and did my best
and that is all i can ever ask of myself
i might crumble often but at least i am cute, sweet, and loved

have a nice "hump"day tommorow and stay safe on your own ledges
i hope yalls arnt as ledgy as mine

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