Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bead 165 White-ish fish?

so today i had planned to do a ton of stuff, but.....
i did absolutly none of it, i have no idea what happened at all. I woke up early and hopped in the shower, got dressed and went to go lay down for awhile with mama so i would be able to get up and go to church today. (I have to get up in stages if i want to be preductive at all during the day)
but i ended up going to sleep for about three hours, not intentionally at all
so since then i had stayed there and watched tv
but eventually got up around dinner time to make a fish fry with mom
i didn't know what type of fish my dad got and asked him , he said white....(so,being me i didnt understand that was an actual type of fish)

i told him no the fish wasn't all the way white it was kind of white-ish-grayey-pink ? and what kind was it...
that went on for a few minutes untill it finally stuck, that the fish was indeed white fish
i'm not sure if that make sence to you but if it dosent i'm sorry?
so my bead today is a fish fillet all dead-like

have a good safe tommorow

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