Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bead 157

I'm addicted
yep to quite a few things actually
including but not limited to:
and Juice
yes JUICE ... Juice
i have loved ,loved,loved juice since i was crazy young
so i was in serious need for it today especially the way i have been carrying on
fibromyalgia has been a part of my life for seven years
and today i had an uber bad day, mostly because i pushed myself too hard and really let my inscurities get the best of me
it happens
but i love that the teeny tiny things like mama getting  me white grape-peach-mango juice
that really helps get me back to earth
so todays bead is a juicebox
simple. great. reminders of where we came from.and who we need to be and really are
forget the rest...pain be damned

have a good tommorow and please keep the good vibes a-coming my way
and I'll sure send some for y'all

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