Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bead 164

hello you
i hope your saturday went well
mine did
the morning was spent on an expadition of getting a free breakfast for mama and I
she got a free chicken biscut coupon and i had a free nuggets coupon, so dad was the only one who had to pay for him and get us a drink to share, so breakfast for all three of us ended up being about 6 bucks
not too shabby if i do say so myself, and after that we went searching for yard sales. we were only able to find one but it wasn't that we ended up going to a hispanic bakery/deli/grocery store/resturant
yep its all those things rolled into one, oh how i have such a rich culture but i love and hate going to the place, dont get me wrong they have pretty good food most of the time but it can be a bit inconsistent in service and quality
but today it was on point!!! we bought:

 fresh from the oven rolls
sweet breads (including an awsome churro)
corn tortillas
and some menudo for mama
everything was so so so delicious an i plan on buying more stuff from there including these

they look so good and cute i would have gotten some today if i hadn't forgotten my wallet at home :(
but there is always next time
my bead is pan dulce- sweet bread

i also made a sparkley dinosaur
(who apparently likes pan dulce very much)

have a nice tommorow

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