Monday, January 9, 2012

Bead 159

today was the first day of my spring semster
and all around wasn't that bad
it was crazy cold, rainy and foggy though;
i also got stood up for lunch :'(
but i got 2 fresh slices of  pizza  and pink lemonaide to drown my sorrows with, from the nice man at my favorite pizza place
thanks man

 good pizza and nice family erases all icky things
thank goodness!!
 today i also finished that big bunch of 4-h paper work i spoke about earlier, and got my "lost" project record books from last year too
 my bead today is a fog blob...or is fog a chunky opaque-ish cloud?
i dont know I'm not a meteorologist?
who knows????

have a great tommorow buddies!!! hopefully there won't be gobbs of fog where you are at

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