Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bead 161 ITS A TWISTER!!!!!!

oh me, oh my i has been RAINING  FROM THE FREAKING SKY!!!
seriously though it has been dark, cloudy, icky, cold and rainy all day long!!!!!
there is a tornado rolling past twards the leftside of my state (that sounds a bit weird to you too dosen't it?)
it hasn't done too much dammage as far as i know, but just causing tons of funky weather like snow in the montains, and wind and rain here....
other then the crummy weather today has been pretty good, only two classes and they went by quicky so the rest of my time  was occupied with trudging across campus with tons of art supplies,bags and huge  heavy HUGE cumbersome drawing board
booo... my shoulders are killing me......
but my bead today is a mini-tornado
you can almost hear the tiny cows floating within it

have a happy twister free tommorow
stay safe

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