Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bead 155

so today was a heck of a day
i really don't like being left alone
seriously.......don't ever leave me alone all day, especially not when I'm antsy
this morning i woke up at about 7:38 and have been pretty on edge since, I allowed myself to get up slowly so I wouldn't hurt so much
Then i made about 4 dozen sugar cookies, all which turned out crazy cake-like
then the rest of my day was occupied with trying to get the bunnies to play, or doing anything other then sleep all they didn't
and watch cheesy survival programs, and what other trash/news that was on
later on I even got to watch one with mom
^_^ that helped ease my inside crazness
but a poor stingray was killed in the program
so my bead today is a stingray
In memory of the poor little one thats life was cut short
cake-like cookies, trash tv, sleeping bunnies, and a crazy antsy me
not a great day
but tommorow will be better
its friday ,i get to vollunteer/cook with kids, and i am loved
I am still scared about a new semester but
i am loved and, i am a big brave lion
i hope ya'll have a great day

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