Friday, January 6, 2012

Bead 156

so, I had a pretty good day
vollunteering always feels nice
even though some kids are a smidge difficult at times no worries, I love to teach and cook so it was nice
plus I met the teachers mother (who was crazy nice)
saw my egg man
and got a new recipie
great, really really great
I'm still scared about next semester, but i feel a bit better
for my bead i choose a really soothing color
a turquoise-y blue with little green flecks amungst it

turquoise is my favorite stone
like super favorite
if it were cheaper around where i am i would totally be covered in it for-reals-ies
hope yall had a great friday
and a totally awsome and safe weekend
big brave lions we are so, but dont be too crazy...kay?

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