Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bead 178 don't worry, beet happy!

i got tons of stuff done on this fine day
we tried to go yardsaleing and did find one where we got a few things,
and i also got a few things that i need for my projects at the grocery store
so today i made:
a 15 pound lasangna
a loaf of garlic herb bread
a skien of  yarn dyed from beet juice and onion skins
and a chocolate beet cake that threw-up, had a seizure ,and died
poor cake :(
may he Rest in Peices!!
but he was really yummy
and i will be sure to post more info about him and my other cooking /baking recipies and stories soon on
marshmallows and happy fellows, my mom has been politely fussing at me to get my other blogs up and running and I'm so so so going to try!!
but back to the beading, todays bead is a beet
its the first time I've tried them
and I really like them and put them in the cake and frosting, crazy right? there so so so so so pretty color wise!

have a nice tommorow

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