Friday, August 31, 2012

Bead 395

today has been a pretty sweet day, it is my second 3 4 day weekend and am still loving every moment of it, this week was a smidge different seeing as my dad was home too. But we had fun we went out for breakfast to Doughnut World the same place dad got these from earlier. This morning I got a maple glazed one with bacon as sprinkles, yes I said bacon as sprinkles. I apparently have a death wish of diabetes or high cholesterol, but I shall die happy...
most of the rest of the day was filled with various projects including but not limited to: repainting my octo (the glitter didn't work out) and unfortunately today's paint didn't either, painting a doll closet that will be turned into a display shelf, playing with polymer clays, and just being silly old me!
before shot of it
Also today was a great mail day! I got my guts (intestines specifically), 8 air plants, and a great issue of organic gardening magazine.
whooop, awesome-sauce Friday if I do say so myself?
bacon sprinkle for todays bead, simple awesome, and magical!

have a lovely long weekend lovies!

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