Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bead 375 Gray but still sparkly

Monsoon Season in my neck of the woods right now....
Not literally but still non the less it has been raining all day long, so much to the point that ALL AND I MEAN ALL  the yard sales were a bust we got absolutely nothing at all. such a shame but I did manage to occupy my time otherwise, with a trip to the walmart (loath it there)
I was able to get so really cool, much needed stuff.
such as cool glow balls that I turned into designer toys!
some more eyes for my work, cheese cloth, snaps and a few other things that I can't rember to save my life? oh well I got alot of artwork done! and am even planing on making a care package for an uncle of mine (the blue glow blob is going to him). only downfal of my actions today was sticking my paintbruch in my mouth as I so often do, I have a horrible habit of doing that or accidentially rubbing whatever medium I'm working with all over my face, it's not like I try to do it I most of the time end up getting to involved in what I'm doing  to notice untill my face or lips is coated in an art supply of some kind. today was gray but sparkly.

so gray but sparkly bead!


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