Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bead 377 and 378

Fear  not dear reader I have not abandoned ship as of yet, Alla's I had an unexpected "road trip" to my sisters house, I ended up spending the night with her and it was wonderful fun. we watched movies, talked and chilled out, just like sisters should do. before I took the  best adventure I've had in a long time I did a few errands with mom, we picked up some succulents including and adorable little plant commonly referred to as "baby toes".
yesterday's bead was based off of that. I wasn't able to post it but here it is!

today went off swimmingly too, mama came and got me this morning and I have just been crocheting, receiving the most awesome package ever!! containing three big packs of my favorite candy obleas (mentioned earlier here) it was payment for the hat I made my uncle, whom totally followed through on his end of the deal. yes I will work for candy, what of it? I also got to photograph my beautiful blooming sunflowers (and a nice visitor).
artsy sunflower designed bead for today

happy hump day tomorrow

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