Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bead 396

today was a pretty nice and productive day seeing as I had a really bad stomach ache. we went on our usual yard sale adventure and I ended up spending 22$ total for my whole stash which included a few vintage toys, a hand dyed bedspread,  big yellow basket, a nice metal funnel, a new corduroy jacket for mama, some other  random stuff and an amazing hand made meditation "chair" for just 2$.
also I did my final working of my Octo! and got his final shade of paint after two different attempts

I finally settled with a pretty gray tone, neutral and perfect for my future plans, and was truly a labor of love, he looks perfect with the gray and mom says that apparently he wasn't satisfied with the other paints and that's why they were such disasters. but luckily him and I are both appeased and can rest easy now, Octo gray for today's bead
have a beautiful tomorrow

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