Friday, August 24, 2012

Bead 388

first Friday off and I feel fantastic about it!!!

I still got up at around 7ish and I was able to watch my show, see mama off to work, eat a nice breakfast and paint, rest and chill all morning long with my fuzzy child.... I ended up having to peel my Octo, for some reason the paint didn't set right so it is back to the drawing board for him!

then In the afternoon I went with a buddy of mine to my old high school to help my Art teacher set up her room for this impending school year. It was super fun to reminisce, hang out, help and just enjoy each others company. after that I was able to share some of my produce with my homie and have movie night with my family after that.
pretty much been a perfect day except the fact that I can't buy this guy and that makes me sad. He is soooooooo cute and wonderful, but more importantly he would be 30$ with shipping and handling......basically allot of money... but a friend reminded me of an ever looming beam of hope, my birthday! it is about a month away but I always forget to ask for things, I really rarely do ask for things but he might make it a game changer.
porcelain colored bead in homage to my longing

(and to be honest now, as I type I am also searching for other possible contenders in the B-day ride) have a ritious tommorow!

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