Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bead 379

I had an AMAZING DAY !
Today was my first day of working towards a spinning wheel (I'm paying in work) and I had a joyous time at that, cleaned, took my time, jammed out to my tunes while working, and learned more about the wonderful person I am working for, I also got fed a freakishly delicious lunch from a place down the street from her house, I had an awesome salad and a slice of mushroom pizza . I would have taken a picture but I wanted to seem a smidge normal on the first day (no worries I'm totally going back later its soooooo good ^____^)you gotta share your crazy in small spurts like in any relationship. Her and her husband are so eclectic and my kind of people. as you can see below, only a small smidge of the awesomeness!
that was most of my day but the rest was consumed by celebrating Mama's birthday, we went to our usual Chinese place that was okay, I mainly ate the cake and pie we brought ( mama did too), and photographed the fish tank.
today's bead is a tooth, representing both mama and my sweet tooth and the awesome skull at my new employers house

happy birthday mama!!!! ^_^ and a happy tomorrow to you ^_^

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