Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bead 365 A bead year, well almost...

I know today would normally technically be my last bead, but I did remember and do my math that this year was a leap-year. tommorow will be a year. I tried to make the best out of today, I get scared easily (as you know) but I have been taking life in strides lately and am super proud of that.
Saw my sister, went grocery shopping with her.
did a few random errands.
Visited my "Bee Guy" (I have many guys ^_^) and got a little more than a pound of fresh honey

Love my Bee guy, he does his business through the honor system and is a super sweet guy, whom I accidentally startled today....oops! well I wanted to make sure I payed him properly.

made some wonderful tea with my honey! and the burnder was such a pretty color, so that color inspired this almost "last" bead
I will still continue after this year is done, and am looking forward (timidly) to the road ahead..

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