Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bead 385

Good second day if I do say so myself. My art history professor from last year found ME this morning in the studio and I had a nice conversation with him, he found ME,  remembered ME, and asked ME how I was doing,  he joked around with ME. goodness know I love him still, and the fact that he did all these things without my provocation makes me swoon all the more. the only crappy part of the day was my super mania.... I get too crazy and anxious and I know it for a fact, luckily I made it through today, had a lunch of champions aka a rice crispy treat, shameful I know but old habits die hard. Ironically I always end up losing weight during the school year? anyways,

After school I found a "fidget" that I can use to mellow me out. a fidget is just a small object that you often use with special needs kids or people with ADHD, I haven't had to use mine in a while but I think it is best for me to start using mine again. It keeps my hands busy and allows me to get some anxiety out, the first days are quite in some places, crowded with people, filled with anxious vibes from everyone, and just not really as awesome as they could possibly be..you get it don't you?
a fidget bead today

have a nice tomorrow lovey!

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