Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bead 366

there will be a woolly thing tomorrow but it is crazy, I never knew a year could pass by so quickly and slowly at the same time?

I baked like a crazy lady today but really, really enjoyed doing it. yesterday I made a chocolate cream pie and brought a big slice of it for a gentleman friend of mine, he is in his 90's and a sweety pie to boot!I've spoken about him here before, luckily he is doing allot better then he has in awhile thanks to my pie!!! he choose to eat it right when we visited his house at 9 in the morning* (my plan worked!!! PIE IS BEST FOR BREAKFAST!!! BWAH-HAHA! **note: his wife fussed at me because I spoil him so!*** totally worth it)

I packed medicine bottles later on today to ship to Kenya, its a local project to help more easily distribute medications throughout kenya and various parts of africa making the transportation of important meds easier and safer then just little plastic baggies.
medicine bottle bead today

Happy year you guys! thanks for it all, and I will see you tommorow! hope yours will be beautiful.

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