Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bead 380 to sock or not to sock?

Most of today has been consumed with figuring, ranging from the simple stuff like what on earth should I do with all this new yarn, where should I take the various craft items being willed to me that I don't need, to crazy semi-important  education and life stuff. luckily the bigger issues have worked themselves out or I overcame them with flying colors. yay for that but I wish I would have more ease with the yarn issue. should I knit or crochet? its light fingering weight so basically traditional sock yarn, so I'm debating on just giving in and making socks like expected, but it seems like such a copout  for such pretty yarn. I also have a few already started projects so..egh. life is coplicated
todays bead has a little crochet hat using the yarn that has got me in such a state...

have a wonderful friday dearies

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