Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bead 390 ART SPREE

today began filled with fall allergies and goodness knows I love the fall but the new set of allergies is not pleasant what so ever!! I had to get up unfortunately slow and take some meds before I could even think about being a functional person. But eventually I was up and ready to go art supply shopping, I've been needing to for awhile to get school supplies and stuff to get ready for the fair.
I finally bit the bullet today ( I love art supplies I just hate spending money) and went to the hardware/home improvement store and the Art & crafts store. I ended up spending a little over 200 dollars for everything which for the amount of things I got is a really good deal.
including the biggest jar of gesso I have ever seen in my life
which inspired todays cute bead
happy week wishes to you

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