Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bead 373 white shell and soot...

been burning since about 10 this morning mostly bills and various other lawn clippings and big broken branches from past storms.
We (Mama and I) had fun tending the fire for the majority of the day while I blared my favorite music, most of which is older then my mom, what can I say? I'm an old soul! As the flames died down I was able to throw my cast iron in the pile to re-season them, the had so desperately need to be seasoned for months and we finally got to it. let them cool, salted them to get the ick off ( it is a natural expolient) then thoroughly crisco-ed
the only not fun activity that happened today was being "critter doctor" to a poor turtle that are young neighborhood kids got a hold of. unfortunately they thought that it would be a good a idea to spray paint his shell bright white, luckily I was able to get a old of the poor creature before the paint had fully set so I was able to scrub pretty much all the paint off of his shell. he was not that happy with me especially because all I could get out of the hose was cold water....but he was a kind patient, I really really REALLY scolded (<so freakishly tempted to) taught the kids how:
-that is not how you treat another living creature
-he could not be kept as a pet because a cage is not where he belongs
-his turtle family is missing him
-it is not safe for him to stay such an unnatural color and could get hurt because of it
-painting things that don't want to be painted isn't nice
-respect is universal, for how we treat, people, ourselves and others
white shell bead today


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