Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bead 371 Sidney Portier Day

As I told you yesterday there was a Sidney Portier Marathon ALLL DAY LONG!  so pretty much since I opened my eyes I have been watching movies with my man Sidney......which turned out to be a pretty good plan seeing as it was raining, dark, and freakishly muggy forever! I'm super joyous about the much needed rain it might not always be so pretty but it really makes the world and soil feel nice. Back to my man though, I have loved him since I was a child and am still obsessed with his life and his movies. who couldn't enjoy a beautiful man like this?
spent today on the couch in front of the "new" big screen T.v.
with mama and Krackers
bunny and black and white movies
loving SP bead today
have a nice tomorrow,
 I have a case of the worries but I'm a big brave lion so I'll be cool, hope you will be too ^_^

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