Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bead 368

Freakishly preductive and semi-odd kind of day. tax-free weekend in my chunk of the world. so we went to do our usual yard sale thing, and also some moderate clothes/shoe/supply shopping. It was the first time in a crazy long time that we have bought clothes in an actual store with our own money in a really long time....but we had fun got some good deals and a few of the much needed items such as: leggings, a shirt or two to screenprint LSP, a new wallet, and some clay( which counted tax free as a supply!!).

my new fancy pinata wallet (can't find the enya?)
the remainder of the day was spent being silly, playing with clay, gobbling cherries and just enjoying a nice chill saturday. the on mishap of today was accidently swallowing a cherry pit, which coincidentially I think it hilarious! soon there shall be a tree erupting from my belly! not really but it is fun to think about.
pit bead today


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