Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bead 394

today is my new mediums birthday!! yay! I know that sounds relatively crazy but it is the truth now I have learned a few new art related skills:
today was the first day I worked with oil paint, and I really liked it; to me oil paints are like the complicated, creamy, illegitimate children of water colors. just as awesome but allot more of pain in the butt to deal with?
I know they are total opposites in real life, but just the way it paints it feels that way.
 that studio went well even though it was like a death trap, easels fell, two people dropped solvent aka veg oil filled jars, and I ended up with a seriously bruised foot, I don't remember what I dropped on it but it really hurt!! the other icky thing that happened was me neglecting to eat to the last possible second to the point that you think you actually might die or pass out atleast. but irregular jelly beans saved my life!
and after that etching class we learned how to chemically etch the plate and also how to use the press to make prints, our groups was okay, but I had fun doing the process and really can't wait till I'm fly solo!!!!
irregular jelly bean bead today, its the main thing that kept me going  and really got me out of a jam

happy Friday to ya'll

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