Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bead 393

had some difficulties today, it wasn't a bad day or anything but an awfully mixed up bag of junk.
got to the studio early as usual, and ran into a jerky boy that was in a few of my classes last semester but surprisingly he wasn't a jerk at all today! he joked with me, gave me the good chair and all around was pleasant to be around!!! it shocked me but it was a much welcomed surprise. later on my professor came complemented me on my work and informed me that unfortunatly we were going to switch up projects, no worries I enjoy working with clay and had already formed the begining of my bone like a beast, but I've learned not to get too precious with my work.
but after we smashed our peices we just got some more clay for next class and packed up, so the class was less then 45 minutes long, which although awesome really through me off for the remainder of the day...and led to some mental difficulties in astronomy class, but all is well I learen more and learned what I need to work on to get better. bright side I got out early, got a package when I got home.
clay inspired bead today


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