Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bead 383 last summer night...

Today was my last official day of summer, bitter sweet but I did try to make the best of it although I had allot of problems sleeping the night before. There was a horrible thunderstorm that shook the walls, window, and my guts. It didn't feel nice and was pretty scary too. That caused some issues in waking up this morning but never the less I eventually got up and tried to do some cool stuff today. I planned to have a fun day with my cousin and go to see a Mummies of Guanauato exhibit at a local museum and go out for sum yummy food too, (un)fortunately only the yummy food part happened. it was still raining cats, dogs, and zebras ALLL OF TODAY and we had a few mix-ups with loosing keys and other silly things that we constantly do.... we did eventually get out of the drive way and resorted to eating food first, we were starving. I went back to the place my boss took me on Wednesday, IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!
After we ate we trudged more in the rain to go SEE THE MUMMIES! but egh most of the museum was closed cause of rain and timing, and we would have had to have paid general admission on top of the mummy exhibit fee, over 18$ just for one of we just got movies and chilled out for the rest of the time. we tried and we made plans for other (better, more fun, totally less expencive) stuff later on this week.

We had fun, and we tried, we did stupid stuff which happened to be the perfect ending and somewhat theme of this summer.
gray yet sunny bead today.

I am a big brave lion and will try my best tommorow and this semester.
have a wonderful tommorow. And I will try to do the same

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