Friday, August 3, 2012

Bead 367

sigh... happy new year! I am totally stoked to continue a new year here and am still going to try to stick to the same bead scheme to the best of my abilities.
I'm tired, like sleepy a normal person. this is rare for me. I much like a zombie do not sleep I usually end up passing out sometime in the early morning and toss and turn for those hours. lately though I have been going beyond just a minimal stupor and actully becoming mentally tired enough to SLEEP! part of me really enjoys it but on the other hand it is really throwing me off to be so tired at 9pm.

example of the work I have been doing in prep...
  today was spent preparing things for the local fair, yes I am aware that typically fairs happen in Sept but I am trying to rake in more cash then I ever have made from premiums before!!! this takes serious planning and allot of stuff made.....which for the most part I have but still some things need to be crafted to reach my goal number of  500$. painted the old little dresser, tried to stain it but unfortunately it didn't take, ended up spray painting it silver, I'm going to antique it further but egh it is still a WIP...

silver-ish bead today well gray with mainly silver sparklies


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