Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bead 357

I had a pretty, and productive day.
I can see well again, got a nice new pair of contacts, ordered a ton more.
got my sister some coffee, went thrift shopping and got a new night stand and chatchkey shelve.
browsed the home improvement store for a super old paint colors, no surprise that they didn't carry it.
bought a HUGE cactus for 5$ at the home improvement store too, and browsed my favorite indoor flower the orchids.
When I got home I fixed up my room. I'm trying to spiffy things up, and to make things look less like an episode of hoarders, honestly I am not that bad but still I needed some of the chaos to subside.

 I removed an old quilt hutch that I just used to pile stuff on and replaced it with an old little dresser, switched nightstands, hung my new shelve and moved some small things around.It gave me allot more and I was able to move my fiber stash to a much more convenient
plain lime green bead stash, I'm giddy, I think lime green portrays that feeling well?


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