Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bead 323

the first half was amazing and included my favorite things in the world: chilling with mama, shopping for international food stuffs that I have been needing, baking, and getting things prepared to be a good southern hostess for the mostest!
one of the awesome things I purchased today! at the international food store!
ironically had a pretty nice day, till around five o'clock this afternoon onwards....
A good friend of mine has Alzheimer's, he is a wonderfully sweet man of about 90 years of age. his wife hasn't come to terms with his diagnosis and thinks he can do the same ol' things that he used to do or can do things that she can do. a group that I'm in with them was taking tours of our gardens, In 90+ degree heat, it was too hot for me and yet she dragged him out there dazed, in the heat  with no water and attempted to plop him down at each house alone and in the sun. The poor thing almost passed out afew times, but I kept a closeful watch out for him the whole time, I tied his shoes for him, blocked the sun while he rested and held his hand as we walked from place to place, I even fell so he wouldn't have to.
I'm scared for him, I know what is like to lose memories, time, and pieces of yourself. It is horrible and scary feeling, nothing you can control or automatically chalk up to wanting attention. I don't know why culturally so many Americans* no longer revere the elderly or choose to take care of their family members the way they deserve. I thank God every day  that I was brought up differently, that culturally dignity is graced upon are older loved ones, the remain ingrained in our families till the day they die and even then we always carry memories of them with us forever. I know his family will eventually catch on that he needs more help then they are giving him. And I never minded doing all those things for him, that's what you do for people you care about.please pray for him.
There were glimmers of hope by the end of our tours (which ended at my house) luckily everyone enjoyed my garden and the "spread" that we had done earlier in the day, we had chairs, afew tables, ice cold lemonaid, frozen water bottles,apple muffins with: nuts, crystalised ginger, pillocio, and vanilla beans. Mama sat him down in a nice comfy chair in the shade and set him up with some juice and a muffin, his old self came back and he even got up to get himself more muffins ^_^.
I know this is a really long post and this is a bead blog but I really needed to share.
today's bead is a tiny "glimmer" of hope

because there always is a glimmer of hope everyday
have a beautiful Friday, and thank you for tolerating me
* please remember, I am not ambiguously criticising all Americans or western culture, I by no means am generalising every American as such, I am a Hispanic-American and yet was raised differently then the individuals that I am speaking of.

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