Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bead 364

Today was a topsy turvy, mixed emotion kind of a day. It began super foggy and gross but slowly got better, I finished allot of projects and chores:

morning walk.

Dino-cactus terrarium.

Beginning of a new piece "Ojos de los huevos" (yes it is egg shells).

Got a replacement bulb for my lava lamp.

Painting and detailing the inside of my "new" garden cart, its a pretty green on the inside now.

Went to my egg man's place of business (he has another job) and purchased three dozen beautifully, fresh eggs.

Got a "fortune" stating that "Little acorns lead to mighty oaks", a tad cheesy in my opinion but needed never the less. I got scared today about the future, felt more pain than I have in a long time, and got sick because of it. I do have my good and bad days but I am really proud of myself for getting as much done as I did.
todays' bead inspired by lava blobs


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