Monday, October 31, 2011

Bead 89 life lessons and great pumpkins

here are a few things i learned on this halloween day:
  • i am quick to anger and dont hold grudges easily
  • wild bunnies are up as early as i am
  • i HATE mcmuffins
  • soup is wonderful
  • i am not a great candy pass-er-out-er( i just eat the candy)
  • knitting in public isn't weird unless a guy sits there and watches you knit for 15 minutes
  • the homless guy buying snack-cakes in front of me in line was really nice
  • avacados are always nice
  • tradition with cool old movies are awsome!
ergo the great pumpkin
one of my favorite movies is "It the great pumpkin charlie brown"
linus is my soul mate and i have often been compared to him by loved ones
why ?
  1. i have a comfort blanket
  2. i morn pupkins when carving
  3. and i have a slightly diffrent view of the world
there are a few more things but  im tired of listing sooorrry
do you belive in  the great pumpkin?
i do :)
he will rise out of the pumpkin patch and bring all the good little boys and girls presents!!!
have you been good this halloween?
regardless i will let you see todays bead
i know i know i have done a pumpkin before but not a GREAT PUMPKIN!!!

 one day down four more to go!!!
have a great tommorow
and ill try to do the same

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