Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bead 66 Scrapple

Normal people definition:
noun: Scraps of pork or other meat stewed with cornmeal and shaped into laves for slicing and frying.

My crazy definition:
noun: chunks, scraps, and extra fluffies of wool and fibers (from various projects); often ending up on the floor, stuck to clothes (feet ,ect.), or being munched on by bunnies.

see a smidge different than normal standards but still none the less important.
today was pretty good . I got to see my sister (my brother was at work , that made me sad i really wanted to see him) and also went to a few yard sales but didnt find any thing too special. all and all i cant complain.
i made a new sculpture and used the scraps to make todays bead ,ergo the bead is SCRAPPLE!

i am hungry?
like crazy crazy hungry..weird ?
(note  i am not wanting normal peoples definition of scrapple)

i will be sure to show you my new sculpture really soon
most likely tommorow

i need food
and possibley sleep

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