Monday, October 3, 2011

Bead 61 Cephalopod Love

today was an okay day ,some parts were crummy others were great... a real mixed bag. but i did find some things to be happy about. my sister and brother gave me a dvd (of one of my favorite shows ever) and a beautiful little hand carved and painted rabbit. i also rember and am getting ready to start a new craft project.
Cephalopods(squid, octopus, cuddle fish ,ect.) are a few of my most inspiring creatures in my art repituar. i love them for  their beauty , intelligence and for the fact that they are so freaking awsome.
dont belive me?
let me show you my obsession
octopus chalk board from a mural i painted
hand made squid hand puppet

nautilus drawing
these are just to name a few
so in honor of their tentacally glory a squid was in order for today
glub, blerp ,glop!

i have a speech tommorow that im worrying about but
im a big, brave lion
and a lover of octopie

a sleepy

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