Monday, October 10, 2011

Bead 68

i want a goldfish.

yes i know i have a bunny (a very very spoiled bunny at that) but lately i have been wanting a gold fish again.I have already baughten many cool vintage fish bowls but have yet filled them with fish. And today as i was buying  bunny food and treats i started to glance over at all the cute little fish......i wanted to take them all.....and it also made me start to reminiss
i had a very nice and old goldfish a few years back his name was Chewy.
i miss him.

he was a weird fish, but a great one.
he would often turn in loopty loops,and i even taught him tricks.
and he lived for almost three years ,which is pretty good for a goldfish
so todays bead is in memory of him (even though it is a googly eyed one)
gone but never forgotten.

its made from recycled sweater fiber and some orange white and black roving (all pre-dyed)
sorry that i have been forgetting to write the "ingredients" of my beads down lately
ill be sure to get back too it.
best wishes for mañana


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